Monday, November 17, 2008

Ava's strength through reherniation.

I put this video together while Ava was in the hospital fighting for the second time for her life. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia is a very tricky birth defect. We had no warning of Ava's sickness. She just stopped eating and then the next day she became very sick. I took her to the doctor three times before they took me serious. Friday October 3rd she was life flighted to University of Iowa Hospital. This was no flu Ava's synthetic diaphragm had broke. Her intestines over time had grown into the gortex patch causeing it to be weak. Somehow the body was trying to rid the patch. Her intestines somehow opened up and swallowed her patch, causing a total bowel obstruction. Our worst nightmare had become a reality. We knew this was possible but was not at all ready for what was to follow. Ava fought hard. We nearly lost her. I am amazed at her strength and her awesome will to survive.

I just want to make parents of CDH children aware that there are many signs of reherniation If in doubt please go to your Emergency room. Things can get out of control fast. This video high lights the first signs and syptoms.


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Mistress said...

hi!! so glad to see your site, i am trying to find out more about reherniation,,my son bas has cdh,,pretty much same things have happend to him as your daughter,, we had bowel obstruction at a year..and i have been having nightmares about him reherniating so i need answers !! ty
andrea and bas

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I was blessed to have three beautiful daughters of course by my wonderful husband Brian. We traveled a very difficult road when we found out our third daughter, Ava had a life threatning birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. This turned all of our lives upside down. We have learned that life is a precious gift from God and we should treasure each and every second we have with our loved ones.