Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Your Angel

This video was inspired by Liz and Shane. Their daughter Nayeli also has CDH, they put all her ultrasound pictures together, which made me think about all Ava's ultrasound pictures. I cried watching Nayeli's video knowing that she is still safely inside Liz and her journey will begin in a few short weeks. Liz and Shane you two are wonderful parents!

I ran across this song, "I'm Your Angel" by Celine Dion and R. Kelly. The words are so fitting to this video. We were Ava's angel and she was ours! Please say a prayer for little Nayeli that she will not only survive but she will thrive as Ava has been so blessed to be.

I still get very emotional putting videos together. Oh how life means something extra special that we were so fortunate to have three daughters. They all have their own ways of bringing joy into my live.

The very end of the video says, "God on the mountain is still God in the Valley. Keep hoping and praying, God hears us!"

(An update ~ Ava's CDH friend Nayeli, was born in October and she is doing great. She too survived this horrendeous battle and is home with her Mommy and Daddy in California! Nayeli They have become special friends to us!)


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